Meet the people who have the passion and courage to do whatever it takes to discover, write, and deliver the truth through the newspaper and other media channels.

Erik Charas
Erik Charas
Hailing from the north of Mozambique, Erik is highly passionate about his responsibility to work for his country. The inspiration to create @Verdade came from the realization that most people in Mozambique lacked access to quality information. He believed informing them about their government, country and the world was the first step toward engaging them as active participants in transforming the country. He is one of the most vocal advocates of anti-poverty activism in Africa today.

Erik Charas is also Founder and CEO of Charas LDA, a company that invests in Mozambican entrepreneurs. He has an engineering degree from the University of Cape Town, and over 10 years experience in the private and public sectors in Southern Africa. Among other accolades, Erik was voted a Hero of Africa in 2005 by media group MSN, named a World Economic Forum Young Global Leader in 2006, and served as an Archbishop Tutu African Leadership Initiative Fellow in 2007. He chairs several boards of companies and non-profit organizations in Mozambique and other countries.

Aderito Caldeira
Adérito Caldeira
Executive Director
Adérito Caldeira has a solid background in the media and advertising industries. With only a high school education, he  started his career at the national TV station, TVM. Adérito spent 10 years at TVM where he flourished and eventually became a producer. His growing interests in TV and media led him to a one-year study in Spain at IORTV. After leaving TVM, he worked for two publicity and advertising agencies in Mozambique from 2003 to 2007, which were his last stops before jumping into the untested but inspiring waters of Jornal @Verdade in 2008.

Rui Lamarques
Rui Lamarques
Managing Editor
Rui Lamarques was born in the region of Quelimane, but has since always resided in Maputo. Rui started his career in journalism when he was only 17 years old. His first job was as a writer with a newspaper at the Commercial Institute of Maputo, while studying journalism at Ecole Journalista (School of Journalism). Prior to joining Jornal @Verdade, Rui worked for the newspaper, Savannah, and a few other media agencies.

Nuno Teixeira
Nuno Teixeira
Graphic Director
Originally from Tete, Mozambique, Nuno is responsible for graphics and design, as well the compilation of each issue of @Verdade. He started out in web development in Portugal in the late 1990s and taught himself graphic design when he returned to Mozambique.

Sergio Labistour
Sérgio Labistour
Director of Distribution
Sérgio brings 18 years of postal distribution experience to @Verdade and was pivotal in structuring its distribution channel. He manages a fleet of tuk-tuks, the weekly subscriber distribution in the city center, and the weekly mass distribution and delivery to provincial distributors.

All photos are taken by @Verdade unless otherwise stated.