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@Verdade is a 32 page, high quality, full color, “non-political” weekly newspaper, which is written in Mozambique’s official language of Portuguese. Leaving coverage of high-level politics to other papers, we focus on the issues that affect the average Mozambican such as electricity prices, health issues, and living conditions. We aim to keep people informed by reporting on what is happening in the local neighborhoods of Maputo, as well as the rest of Africa and internationally.

Since the newspaper is distributed weekly, it does not include breaking news. However, the @Verdade team is often first onsite, and in many cases the only trusted source to report on sensitive events like the Mozambique bread riots. In these situations, we primarily inform the people through our online and social media channels. Learn more about Our Stories.

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For those who miss @Verdade in print — or anyone following from abroad — the good news is that people with Internet access can read the paper online or download it as a PDF. We also provide the news through Facebook and Twitter. All of our channels are closely linked with each other and fully integrated into the print version of the newspaper. For example, each week we publish selected reader posts on our cover page from our Facebook wall and our physical “People’s Wall” (“Mural do Povo”). By integrating offline and online content, we are pioneering a model that is pushing the communication envelope and setting the bar for the future of print journalism.

@Verdade is not just one-way communication — we are engaging citizens in a conversation. Readers actively participate through email, SMS, Blackberry Messenger, Facebook, Twitter and the “People’s Wall.” They are also involved within the context of the interactive sections of the paper (“Ask Tina” and “Citizen Reporter“) to share their opinions on the news or simply express themselves. In fact, we collect almost 35% of our news directly from the people in the form of letters, SMS and other interactions. We also base our editorials on their opinions.

With a largely offline readership, mobile technology has played an important role in engaging our readers and seeking their feedback. It has also been a crucial factor in the creation of our identity as not just an information channel, but as an educational and civic service. Our niche lies in the variety of content and public services we provide, as well as our effort to promote technology and communication.

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Creating a newspaper may seem commonplace, but we go to great lengths to produce and distribute @Verdade each week, reflecting how passionate we are about the movement. For example, the things that many people take for granted, such as a postal system and the availability of certain goods and services, do not exist in Mozambique. For instance, there are very few printers in Mozambique, all of which are costly because supplies are scarce and difficult to import. In addition, no printers satisfy our quality standards. As a result, each week we print the newspaper in South Africa and import it into Mozambique.

  1. Source the News – News is sourced from @Verdade journalists, other Mozambican journalists and international sources. In addition, newspaper content comes directly from the people in the form of letters, SMS and other interactions.
  2. Produce the Newspaper – The newspaper is printed in South Africa. It is then imported into Mozambique and transported to the @Verdade office.
  3. Distribute the Newspaper – The newspaper is delivered via txopelas (tuk–tuks), the first of which @Verdade brought into the country. @Verdade also partners with local organizations to help deliver the paper in key provinces. Special deliveries are made to decision-makers and the main town on Friday morning. The remaining papers are delivered on Saturday morning to office buildings, schools, open markets, public transportation hubs, informal settlements, street corners and even prisons.
  4. Read and Interact with the Newspaper – Readers read the newspaper and engage through one or more of the available channels.

All photos are taken by @Verdade unless otherwise stated.